May 17th, 2005



Yesterday I was attempting to brush one of my back teeth - the left molar in the farthest corner - and I managed to pop a stitch or scratch the roof of my mouth, and blood gushed forth in a truly disgusting red river. I found some gauze and managed to get it to stop, but managed to re-open the wound when I went for some salmon that evening. I suspect a fishbone. Nevertheless, Mom has instructed me back onto my liquid diet.



Top auctions:
1. Gingerbread Poppet - I don't believe the actual bid on this auction has gone up since Saturday.
2. Sugar Cookie
3. June Gloom - I'm rather shocked this got so far..
4. Cerberus
5. Samhain - I rather hoped this would do better...

and Icon is off the list. Weird.
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