June 16th, 2005


Things I learned at Bath & Body Works today.

1. If the tables on the sales floor are merchandised messily, it is Sammie's fault. It is not the customers who put products in the wrong bins or other associates who set up product displays outside of the bins. Nope. All my fault. (Fair is fair. A fair amount of that crap is my fault, because I get lazy. BUT I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE.)

2. The fact that the giftset wall was messy and unorganized pre-Marie blitz? Sammie's fault. I haven't touched the damn thing in nearly a week - I haven't needed to because we haven't recieved giftsets in shipment and I've worked all morning shifts. It is the job of the evening closers to straighten shelves. But nope! MY FAULT.

3. The stockroom is disorganized and it is my fault. OK. I haven't really been able to spend much time back there, because the whole of my shift consists of processing shipment. I am only back there to deposit boxes that weren't needed on the sales floor. If it's messy, it's because I haven't been able to straighten it (lack of hours) and the closers have been sloppy in upkeep. I freely admit that perhaps I am not processing shipement fast enough, and maybe four hours IS ample time to process 120+ boxes and clean up the stockroom. If that is the case, than I just upfront apologize. Perhaps the company should sponser a gym program - or at least some weights - for me so that I can be stronger and carry heavy boxes faster and with little or no strain.

4. The sloppy loft that I just cleaned up a month ago is also my fault because I don't even know why. I haven't been up in the loft since I cleaned it.

5. The lack of props on hand is also Sammie's fault. She foolishly took them back to offsite when Julee told her to even though Lisa said not to, and when we needed them a few days later they were not in the bathroom. Shame on me for not anticipating future need for 10x10 and 10x6 plexis.
Also, Sammie is the only one who realizes props go in the bathroom, the hall, or offsite. NOT THE STOCK ROOM. Will people please stop leaving their crap in there?

6. And gosh darn it, NO ONE is condensing boxes or cutting off boxtops or labeling boxes. I'm the only one who bothers! AAAAAARGH.

7. (This really was my fault.) I put the bags under the cash registers incorrectly. All the handles should face out so that Julee can grab them easily. (Fair enough.) I put them in an alternating pile, so that some handles faced out and some faced in so that the bags would sit in a straight pile, rather than an angle, which might make them fall. At least Marie understood my logic.

8. I can't think of anything else at the moment. But if there is a problem, IT IS MY FAULT.
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