July 4th, 2005


I feel so fried, still.

I finished the homework assignment that I wanted to complete last night about half an hour ago.
I struggled with it yesterday until around eleven, after which I gave up and took a bath and went to bed. Seanie, who was spending the night so that he could drive me to the beach tomorrow, returned from Mike's house about half an hour after midnight; I'd expected him sooner but he hadn't actually set a time for when he'd return, so I wasn't too surprised that he'd been gone so long. He woke me up when he came back, and it took forever to get back to sleep.

It was one of those awful nights where you just can't get down to the restful deep-sleep stage. I was constantly catnapping and being awakened by changes in environment, like Seanie's movement, random noises outside, and snoring. Especially snoring. Every time Seanie started snoring I'd tickle his leg and he'd stop for a while, but he always started up again. Oh well.

Long story short, in the morning I was too groggy to work on my homework; it took me nearly forty-five minutes to get a synopsis of the Tinker v. Des Moines court case typed up. Not good; at the going rate I wasn't going to finish before noon and I hadn't even tackled the more difficult questions yet. So after breakfast (french toast and scrambled eggs) I sent Seanie on his way to the beach and went back to sleep. I woke up a little before noon and took a shower before settling down on my homework, which still took a while because I couldn't get myself to settle down and work. I kept taking mini-breaks to check my email, read a forum, blah blah blah I suck. But it's done and sent to the teacher! Woohoo!

It doesn't look like I'll be doing much else today, tho'. Seanie made me promise to call everyone and see if there's some sort of 4th of July celebration I can weasel in on, but I honestly don't much feel like it. I would like to see some fireworks, actually. I lack the motivation to go out and find someone to see some with, tho'. Last year I didn't do anything for the 4th; the year before that I went to the beach with Kitty, Kero, and Kathy. Hmmm. Haven't talked to Kathy in a while; I don't have her cell number anymore.

Well, we'll see. I've got some bathroom floors to mop but maybe afterwards I'll find something to do.


Perhaps I should mention that the reason I am so tired was that I spent most of yesterday in the BLISTERING HEAT at Day on the Meadow, watching Tragedy Andy and Bowling for Soup. There were other bands too, but those were the only memorable ones; we didn't stick around for Better than Ezra (no jacket = cold night) and only heard Crossfade from the light rail station.