July 11th, 2005



Last night I got off work early so I swung by Eric's house and ended up pulling Seanie out of a party. That wasn't my intention at all - I was rather stinky and ugly from doing a floorset; I had intended to just leave a note on Seanie's windshield and then go straight home. But Seanie ended up coming home with me for a while, rather intoxicated, so that he was talking very fast and walking rather funny, and being HIGHLY amused by the sensation of shaking his head back and forth and back and forth and back and forth...
I have to admit that I've never spent much time around drunks, so it was a bit amusing to watch Seanie doing his best to act normal and barely half-way succeeding. Mostly it was just rather pathetic.

Seanie didn't stay too long anyway; maybe forty-five minutes tops. Then he went back to drink some more (he claims he was going to sleep but I doubt it - can't see his friends letting him) and I curled up with Grimm's Fairy Tales and decided that with my luck, I'd probably be an ugly stepsister and it was a good thing wise old women or even witches are no longer wandering the world.