August 21st, 2005


So my buddy Amadeus and I...Amadeus being the name of my car.

My little brother is in a production of Fiddler on the Roof as the Rabbi's son, so yesterday afternoon I went to see the show with my Popo and Uncle Tom. It was produced by my church so it is a very regional production, but I think they did quite well for the time and money they had. I found it quite enjoyable.

After the musical we went to dinner at Showgi, a Japanese teppan restaurant. Delicious, as always - our chef was charismatic as ever, but unfortunately we were a poor audience, being too hungry and bent on our personal conversations to give him much heed. Poor guy. Luckily the kids at the next table were much more enthusiastic when he prepared their food later.

Tonight I've got a late-night floorset. Gotta love those! We're bringing in the new fall fragrances: Pumpkin, Plum, Caramel, and Apple. The Plum is fantastic - extremely sweet, like it's been heavily sugared. Love it!