October 16th, 2005


Christmas comes on Sunday night

The last few days have felt so packed, but I guess I haven't been all that busy, really. I've had eight-hour shifts at Bath & Body Works the past two days, and the combination of waking up at six and going to bed around midnight completely wore me out. I've got some homework to do this afternoon, and then I head off to work at four for another eight-hour shift. I can't complain tho'; I'll be needing this money because I will be out of town next weekend, when Seanie and I go to Los Angeles to see Queen.

(Besides, $200 in three days is pretty freakin' sweet.)

Memoirs of a Geisha is really good; I can't wait for that movie to come out. Bath & Body Works is joining with Fresh Cosmetics to do a fragrance and make-up line to coincide with the movie's release; to my knowledge it's the first time we've tried to be quite so trendy. The book, tho', is what I was thinking of. Great book. It makes me wanna be a geisha, wear silk kimonos and have men engage in a dueling war over my mizuage. Tho' I doubt anyone would want to pay much for a dud product.

Off to package up some bottles and drool over the holiday scents at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Snow White & Rose Red are back, so I will definitely be getting a bottle of each, but look at some of the other selections.
For some reason, the description of Beaver Moon makes me think of capuu. Must be all the mention of cheesecake.
As it says, Traditionally, Beaver Moon is named thus for a very obvious reason: during this time of year, beavers are hard at work building their dams and preparing for the onset of winter. Because it was too hard to resist, BPAL’s Beaver Moon is sillier, sleazier, and full of camp. This scent is of cheesecake and cupcakes, more in line with it’s cheekier connotations, and really hasn’t a damn thing to do with Luna at all!