January 1st, 2006


Awesome new community for a year-long challenge

There are now approximately 6 hours left for new members to join embodiment. Membership at exactly 10 PM EST, and it will not open again for another year--no exceptions!

the goal
To write in a paper diary/journal every day in 2006, beginning Jan. 1st. Entries may be as short as a word or a sentence, or as long as several pages. Visual journal entries are also encouraged, including sketches, collages, or photography. Missing a day is not failure... simply go back, and add an entry based on memory for that day. Back-tracking is better than skipping, and it will keep you motivated to continue with the project.

Let me know if you guys join up ^_^

Happy New Year 2006

I had a very low-key New Year's. It was nice. I actually felt rested - something I haven't felt since October or November. In the evening I found the time to clean up my room, which is something that hasn't happened in several months.

So I didn't go out to a party or watch the ball drop and the only alcohol I had were a few sips of pink champagne with my dinner. I'm fine with that. Sometimes it's far more important to take a day off and take care of yourself, rather than run about searching for a good time. Sometimes the fun is much closer than you'd imagine.

Like I told everyone who asked at work today - I had a fantastic New Year's, even if it wasn't exciting or flashy in the least.