January 10th, 2006


Messy McMess on a Mess Stick

My brother is lazy and messy and it's driving me nuts! He decided he wanted lunch so he came downstairs and pulled out four tubs of food and dished a bit from each onto a plate. Then he pops his plate into the microwave and flounces upstairs, presumedly for a few minutes.
Oh no.
He's up there for an hour. Meanwhile his microwaved food is ice cold again, and the rest of our food is just sitting there, looking more and more pathetic.
Finally I have to go upstairs and remind him to PLEASE put the food away or eat it.

Also, he isn't taking any classes this session. Wait - I lied. He's taking karate. Ka. Ra. Tay. It is in the evening, so he spends all day doing big fat nothing. Mom has been after someone to clean the bathrooms for a few weeks now, and I have a perfect candidate, and it isn't one taking three winter courses (getting A's in all of them, might I add?) and playing manager at her job almost every single night.

It just might, however, be the one who received a package of gaming cards today and proceeded to leave the cards on the stairwell and the box and packaging scattered all over the table Mother cleared last night when she was preparing for the guests she is having tonight.

Ugh. I can't wait to move out.