January 30th, 2006


(no subject)

So it turns out that the reason I've been so burnt out the past few days is because I have a cold. Fantastic. My throat is now scratchy and achey, my nose feels as if it is stuffed full of cotton balls, and I feel more than a little feverish.

I did make it to two of my classes, however. The CAD Technical Sketching class should be interesting, but I'm retarded with computers so we shall see how it goes with Illustrator. I suppose I ought to install a copy of the software Sailor gave to me; Dad was messing around with the computers earlier this month so I may finally have the space to use the program.

I didn't make it to my third class, but I called the teacher and left her an incoherent voicemail (I think I may have told her to call me, but I didn't leave a phone number) but I will call her again later this week to arrange to meet before class next Monday.

Off to bed. Gotta rest.