February 4th, 2006


Possibly TMI

I'm going on nearly a week with a cold, and it's driving me nuts.
I can deal with scratchy throats. They're annoying, especially when they make you cough, but they're bearable.
Feverish? Yeah, I don't like being warm and disoriented - especially when the heat is being traded with chills. But again, not so bad, even in tandem with the throat.

What really bites is the booger fountain that my nose becomes. I'm always wanting to sneeze or sniffling away; for some odd reason I've never mastered blowing my nose, so I can't seem to ever get the snot out of my nose unless I just sit there and let it drip out, drop by drop. WHICH IS DISGUSTING. If I am at home, I sit with kleenex stuffed up my nostril so that I can ignore my stuffy nose. But this week I have always been at school or at work or otherwise in public, so all I can do is sniff-sniff-sniff the day away.