March 1st, 2006


Oh man. It's March already.

This year is really, really flying by fast. It's the third month already, and I haven't really done squat with my New Year's resolutions. I feel like Bridget Jones, constantly battling with calories and chocolate bars and never really getting anywhere.

Last night, at church, there was a Pancake Supper for Fat Tuesday, and Sean and I contemplated going but ultimately decided it would just be too much. The upcoming Lent has got both of us in a very religious mood, so we decided to go to Ash Wednesday service tonight - but then I had to work, so we didn't manage to do that, either. Too bad - my church has a new pastor since the last time I went to an Ash Wednesday service and I was very curious to see if the service had changed.

But instead I went to work, where I proceeded to do work that was a bit of a joke. The job that was supposed to take three hours took ten minutes because I had already taken care of it at the end of January, but Deborah didn't want to let me off too early so instead I got to clean, clean, clean the back rooms up. Ick. Not so much on the fun side. It made me think about class earlier in the day, when we'd done a fiber test with bleach and acetone. The chemical smells gave me a headache then and were starting to give me a headache at Bath & Body Works, too.

Finally work was done - I still got out fairly early - and I met up with Seanie, who had just eaten out with his friends at Chile's while I'd been working - and we went up to his house so that I could watch part of one Project Runway. Yay! I also saw the Where Are They Now? episode of America's Next Top Model, and from the clips I saw of the new batch of girls I was not too impressed.