March 3rd, 2006


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What a long day! I was scheduled to do floorset prep - thankfully, it is to be the last round of floorsets for several weeks. Unfortunately, I was also extended so I ended up working 'til four. I don't feel that I accomplished much, because I was porcessing shipment most of the time. Debs said she'd manage the marketing and tomorrow I will pull product and take care of all the props we'll need. OK says I - I'm just so glad to have the break from doing all the marketing; I've nver been too crazy on finding all the signs nad then trying to figure out a way to store them. They always end up ripped or torn or lost.

When Seanie and I were both off work, we headed to Valley Fair Mall for an evening of...nope, not shopping! Walking! Walking around the mall! It's actually more fun than it sounds, because Valley Fair is SO much bigger than Oakridge and it's interesting, because we don't go there often (the last time I was there was before Christmas) and there are more unique stores. Suncoast Video & DVD is going out of business, but their stock was pretty well picked over and the discount wasn't too great, so we didn't buy anything.
Seanie let me look around Bath & Body Works - since VF's is a flagship after all - and I let him check out the Mac/Apple store. We also threaded through Nordstrom and I signed over Armani Jackets and Roberto Cavelli dresses. Ah, but to be well-dressed and stylish for spring! Every time I go out and see new clothes at Express and Macy's and even Charlotte Russe it becomes harder to come home and feel satisfied with what I have, even though my clothes are perfectly serviceable! Serviceable does not equate fashionable, as well all know I obsess over. But after all, my jeans may not fit well but they cover my legs, so can I really complain when people in the world have not even that? Yet I still feel ugly and dissatisfied.
For dinner Seanie took me to one of my favorite restaurants - California Pizza Kitchen. It was delicious, of course, but we could have been at Taco Bell and I would've been just as pleased. I was in good company, and food always tastes best when someone else pays for it.

We were at the mall for hours, just making loops and seeing whatever there was to see. So much fun, even though I didn't buy a thing!