March 12th, 2006

kid - eff off.

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Church was interesting today - it was Folk Choir Sunday so the usual berobed singers were not standing before us. Instead plainly dressed men and women - much more recognizeable as members of the congregation than usual - played guitars, bass, tambourines etc. and sang the hymns with us; the hymns were more 'modern' and sounded like the folk music that enjoyed popularity in the 60's.
Adopt, adapt and improve.
Motto of the Round Table and the United Church of Christ.

After church I deicded that the bathroom was absolutely foul and had to be cleaned. Dad was proud of me again for taking care of necessary business - apparently before I started working this would never have occurred to me. (True.) I cleared and scrubbed down the counter, swept the floor - I tried to clean the shower doors and tiles with very little success. What's a good cleanser for getting rust stains and mildrew off of tile and metal and plastic? Also, does anyone know a good method to remove and prevent the buildup of mold spores on the ceiling? I ignored the toilet - that's a good project for my brother, I decided. But even the little I did made the bathroom look brighter and better and actually sanitary. I felt just a bit proud...although when I came into my room and realized it also needed to be cleaned quite badly the happy feeling abated.