April 5th, 2006

now - cuddlypoo.

Gay Stereotypes

So this would make me Will, right?

Which Gay stereotype are you?

Business Professional Stereotype

You are the top dog, the college graduate, the money earner. Your job comes before everything and your sex/datinig life can take a back seat. You do want a lover, but only one that can keep up with your fast paced lifestyle. Prada and Gucci are your best friends.

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piranha - No!

Two things

1. On my way to class today I bumped a car as I was turning right. It was only a bump - there is absolutely no damage to my car, and near as I can see the only damage to hers was possibly a tiny chip of paint bumped off.
Still, talk about ruining the day. I had a mini-breakdown once I got to school - my second one in two weeks. Fantastic.

2. Jade totally should have been the one eliminated on Top Model tonight! Mollie Sue was ROBBED!

3. At Valley Fair's Bath & Body Works, they had C.O. Bigelow HAIR CARE! I purchased a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner to try - I'll be updating with how they work! The trial size bottles were only $2 each!