April 30th, 2006

piranha - tiny eye.

Las Vegas 2006 Part 3

Coming back from Las Vegas was hell!

I suppose it wasn't that bad, all things considered. We didn't have to leave the hotel too early - I believe we somehow managed to be out by nine. Considering how late we'd been out the night before, I thought that was pretty good!
The first hour was pretty easy going. The sun came up and heat started to get nasty, and I was whining and hungry, so Seanie and I stopped at Fashion Outlet of Las Vegas (which isn't in Vegas at all, but in Primm, Nevada) and grabbed a bite to eat. The mall is connected to a casino, which apparently owns the Bonnie & Clyde car. Yes, supposedly the one they died in, but Seanie and I didn't think the bullet holes looked very realistic. We oooed and aaaawed over the two old-fashioned cars (I suspect one is from the movie but there was no way to identify the old cars - the signs were gone) and read ancient newspaper clippings about their crimes. Pretty neat - it made me want to see the movie. (Too lazy to digest information the old-fashioned way, I guess.) There was also a black car that, at the time, we couldn't figure out why it was there. Now, after doing some research I've figured out it belonged to Dutch Schultz.

Then the suck struck full-force. A mammoth accident blocked our one-lane highway, so for nearly three hours we baked in the hot desert sun (with no air conditioning!) and moved at a snail's pace. People were getting out of their cars and walking along the sides of the road - why not? It wasn't as if there was something else to do. Seanie and I listened to clips from Dave Barry columns on CD, but it was mighty hard to concentrate when all you could do was feel like melting and slithering into a crack in the pavement for coolness.

All the time spent sitting in the sun really messed the rest of the drive up - we hit traffic we would have otherwise avoided, and Seanie was so tired. But we made it home in one piece, thank goodness. I'm ready to stay out of cars for a good few weeks now!