May 3rd, 2006

kid - eff off.

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Today was pretty cool - I got to do a stack of these ancient pulp fiction paperbacks from the 1900's. 'Buffalo Bill and the Queer Getaway,' that sort of thing. These books were really neat to look at - it's funny to hold something and know it's 100+ years old. Unfortunately the books were all quite brittle, and I was worried that they would crumple each time I picked one up.

I wish I had a good digital camera - I would've snapped some photos to show you guys.

It's tough working this job and Bath & Body Works - I feel so drained at the end of the day. I'm at Bookbuyers from 7 to 1, and then I head off to school. I usually go to Bath & Body Works around 5, and I'm there 'til closing. I feel so sleepy, but I keep reminding myself that the money'll be good and school's gonna be over soon.

I want to start making cute lunches to bring to work. It would save money and it'd be fun to open a new obento every day. Time's so short tho' that I don't think I could manage.