May 4th, 2006

piranha - blowing smoke.


I have been cleaning out my wardrobe again, and the summer season is not looking good. I have only a few pairs of shorts, and none of them would be considered "stylish" at this point in time. With the current trends leaning towards longer shorts that are fitted - basically, shortened capris as far as I'm concerned - my ghetto Daisy Duke shorts are tight and barely cover my ass. Thank goodness I'm small-boned - I agree with everyone that this is a look better left in the past - but I can't afford new shorts just now.

I thought about it. I really did. But the $100 that I could spend on clothes and new summer sandals (Gosh, I have been wanting a new pair of summer sandals! Sandals, not flip-flops!) is earmarked for the Red Cross and the California State Park no new clothes for another paycheck.

Isn't it funny? You would think that the 20% I take out of every paycheck for charity and savings would leave me with plenty to spend; but as it is I'm barely getting by. It doesn't help that Bookbuyers is so far away - I'm having to fill my gas tank every week when I used to get by only twice a month! Also, Bookbuyers is a monthly pay-out, so I'm seriously going to have depleted resources because I have virtually nothing going into May and won't be paid 'til the end of the month! I hope that after I finally get that paycheck things will even out.

One-shouldered tank tops. Who wore those when they were trendy? Anyone?
I have two. They've got fantastic screenprints, which is why I still have them, but this was such a bad trend and I'm glad it's gone too - but I'm keeping these because again, can't afford to replace them with whatever the proper tanktop of the moment is.
(Also, my tanktops are all too short in this new long, tunic-top phase we're in.)

It sucks to be out of sync with fashion. Maybe it's one more indication that I don't want to do it.