May 13th, 2006

kid - all gone.

Shiny & New

A new library opened in my neighborhood today.

Well, more accurately, an old library that has been closed for 2-3 years for renovations has been reopened. What once was a small, humble one-room library is a huge multiplex with a gym, community center, internet cafe, computer labs, and the doubled-in-size library.
Very cool!

There was an opening ceremony today that Seanie and I checked out before work. Not much happened - there was free food and drinks, and the Castillero Middle School band performed. (Seanie and I enviously noted that their band had more talent than our high school's ever hoped for.) A couple of key speakers (none of whom have remained in my memory) talked about how great this was, what an opportunity it would be, etc. etc. etc. Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez spoke and did the actual ribbon-cutting, and her appearance made everything worthwhile, because she's running for mayor and I wanted to see her.
Well, I've seen her. She's so fake - she spent the first few minutes babbling about how lovely children were, isn't it nice that children are here, let's all be happy about children yay! This is not a woman I want representing my best interests in San Jose.