May 14th, 2006

bath & body works - body butter

Mother's Day 2006 (Part II)

Some people spent Mother's Day with their moms - not me. My mother isn't even in town - she's run off to a bluegrass festival for the weekend. So I spent the day at Bath & Body Works bustin' my butt to finish post-Mother's Day floorset prep. We're doing the floorset on Monday night, which is going to be majorly rough since I'll have already worked at Bookbuyers for several hours, and I have to be at Bookbuyers the next morning at 7 am.

I pulled the marketing, filled bins with product - the usual. I don't even think about it anymore, just grabgrabgrab bottles and toss them in a black bin.

We have a new line called Temptations that has Frozen Daiquiri, Tropical Colada and Pomegranate Martini. I guess it would be more accurate to say we have a returning line, because while Pomegranate Martini is brand new the other two fragrances were available last summer. Unable to make a reappearance was the Apple Martini, although why it did not come back is anybody's guess. (Mine: Couldn't be made in proper quantity - it certainly had enough demand that it could've come back.)

Lisa also had me scheduled for four hours on the sales floor, and that was tiring. People wipe me out.