May 16th, 2006

kid - don't ever let life pass you by.

Ouch. Neck.

My neck was really sore after work at Bookbuyers today - I guess I strained it at the computer somehow.
It's been happening on and off since last week - but it usually went away by the time I finished driving home from Bookbuyers so I didn't think much of it.

But now it isn't really going away. I"ve been home a few hours and it's just as bad as when I left. I mentioned it to Sue and we moved my chair and my computer around, but it doesn't look like that much helped.

This job is also costing more in gas than I thought it would. (Have I whined about this yet? I feel as if I have.) Instead of filling up gas once or twice a month I'm filling up nearly every week. Not cool.
(On the other hand, Honda sent me a reminder to get my car checked up because they've estimated I've driven 10,000 miles. I haven't even driven 5,000 yet!)