August 20th, 2006

piranha - tundra red.

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Man, I have just got to note that it's a lot easier to move things out of my room than it is to move everything in again.

Apparently I measured the furniture or the dimensions of my room incorrectly, because my original plan for where everything should go did not work out at all. So poor Kendrick had to spend a lot of excess time moving things around because I had misguessed. We didn't have the final layout ready until four in the afternoon - so all I've manged to put away so far are my books and my dolls. All the weird, nitty-gritty-picky clutter is still out in the hall, but my Mom's going to freak out if I don't get that moved soon because it's the ugliest to look at.

Also, I put my candy stash in the same file cabinet that I keep my bath bombs in, and now all of my chocolate tastes like bath products. GROSS!