September 27th, 2006



So Ranger Zombie is working at and just got back from training in Boston. I get an email so I ask the basics, hi how are you what's up how was boston etc. He instantly starts recruiting me to come in and start calling people to remind them to vote. This is volunteering, up in Oakland. Like I'm going to do that.

If I have spare time, it is not going to be dedicated to calling people on the phone and begging them to prettyplease vote in the next election. Sure, I believe that's important, but if people are not motivated to do it on their own a phone call from a stranger in California is not going to sway their mind.

But he keeps trying to recruit me and it gets tiresome. I mean, I bag on the Republicans with the rest of the blue states but honestly, Democrats don't strike me as the superior choice. As Pop is inclined to say, the choice is between Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
Seriously, I don't care about politics.
For example: I did not realize that my current party, Natural Law, has been disbanded on a national level since the middle of 2004. OOPS. They still exist in this state but no wonder they've dropped out of visibility even more! I wondered about that. I ought to get a new party, though. I have no desire to fall in with the Big Two, so perhaps the Green Party. Or maybe I'll go Libertarian like my Daddy.
Naw, more likely Green.