September 28th, 2006

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Soon I will be getting a new cell phone, because my plan FINALLY expired. I haven't decided yet whether to stay with Cingular or switch to Verizon Wireless. My family's on Verizon, as is Seanie; but Seanie is thinking of switching to Cingular so it is really convenient to keep it.

What do you think?

Which cell phone company is better?

Verizon Wireless
someone else


On a side note, we've gotten several new flavors of the C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shines in at work. The new flavors are in tribute to the original apothecary's soda fountain, and come in the following flavors:
- Black Cherry Soda
- Orange Cream Soda
- Rootbeer
- Vanilla Cola

So far Orange Cream and Rootbeer have shown up at my store; I'm really curious to try them. Sean said his Mom really likes Rootbeer, so I'm thinking of getting one for her. (Man, she's going to think I'm such a butt-kisser. I just gave Seanie a Halloween handsoap on Monday, and she's been using that.)

I'm so excited about our holiday collections! They're going to be COOL!