September 29th, 2006

now - smile.

Life revolves around hot pockets, sometimes.

Yesterday I went into work for a 4-7 shift. I was pretty cheerful because I figured three hours is short, and soon I could be back home again to do NOTHING. (Seanie is away this weekend at a wedding for a cousin and I'm far too broke to go out and have fun.) But when I walked in the door to the back Deborah told me I was extended to closing I made a pathetic whimpering sound.
"What was that?" Deb asked.
"I was just thinking that if I'd known that I was extended to close I would have brought some dinner with me." Whimper. Sad. Tears.

So Deb let me eat her other Hot Pocket just so I wouldn't whine at her. Isn't she sweet? She's a great manager.