October 2nd, 2006

piranha - tundra red.

It's official; I have successfully ended a potential friendship.

So it seems that Ranger Zombie is no longer speaking to me because I made fun of his campaign to unseat Tom Delay. He was recruiting me for Moveon.org again, and I was not taking things seriously, so when he said that all Republicans are bad and we need to unseat them, I responded that I didn't think all Republicans were bad. The Govenator is borderline fantastic! He keeps me amused! Waaaaaaay better than that Angelides guy.

Ranger Zombie: Poop...what about tom delay??? HE is one of our targets...
Me: Target for what? He withdrew from the race back in June and resigned from Congress.
I suppose what you mean is his replacement. Well, given than Delay is not running but will be on the ballot, that makes it hard for a Republican to win, because they have to rely on a write-in candidate. I don't follow the politics too closely, because I'm lazy, so I haven't heard who the Republicans are supporting as the replacement.
R. Z.: She is a bitch...and canidates for the house have won (4 to be exact) on a write in ballot...

And that's it. I haven't heard a word from him since, and he does not respond to IM's or e-mail.
Is that RIDICULOUS or what? I suppose that this is a serious issue and I oughtn't be so flippant about it, but really. It's politics. Who can take it seriously?