October 8th, 2006

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I slept too late to make it to church this morning so Seanie and I listened to the recording of last week's sermon. It was interesting, but it also illustrated why I am not always thrilled with Pastor Kevin's lessons. He started off telling a story from his childhood, about how he and his friends had picked on a girl in his class because she was poor, although at the time they didn't really know why they did it. In a way, it was like a confessional for him. It tied into the lesson, based on some verses in Mark 9, that Christians need to be aware of falling into an attitude of exclusiveness. Jesus practiced radical hospitality; that is, He went out amongst the fallen and the unclean and sought to draw them to Him. He didn't have barriers blocking others from Him and while He had close associates and friends, He wasn't exclusive about who they were.
Good lesson? Of course. But Pastor Kevin only spent perhaps five minutes on it in his twenty minute sermon. The vast majority of the time was spent on this childhood story. I would rather hear more about the theological doctrine, the Biblical lesson of the week, then personal testimonies. But I know different people respond to different things. Seanie would probably find the sermons I like to be dull and too textbook; he likes the personal touch.