October 10th, 2006

piranha - love me some lollipops.

Sunday Night Floorset - Walls

So on Sunday night (a couple of days ago now) we had our autumn wall move at Bath & Body Works. Compared to the past, this was a relatively minor floorset. Only one product line (Aromatherapy) switched sides, which is always very time-consuming. Most of the brands were merely scooting up or down a few spots on the wall, or condensing to a smaller number of cabinets.

There were some interesting eliminations. If you're a fan of Tutti Dolce, you're out of luck - all of that product is gone. Discontinued, never coming back. Le Couvant de Minimes has been reduced to half its size - and if your local Bath & Body Works is a small to medium store, like Oakridge, it's been reduced further so that all the Le Couvant products are squeezed onto two shelves. We literally have about 20% of the original line's products on the sales floor right now.
C.O. Bigelow's body care was also diminished. The fragranced body care - so Rosemary Mint, Lavender, Grapefruit, etc. - are still carried in large stores and at flagships, but our tiny little 42-cabinet store won't have it anymore.

We have been hiring a lot of people to gear up for holiday sales, and for many of them Sunday's floorset was the first night they worked. I liked several of the newbies, but as usual we've had a few definite clunkers slip through our net.
There's this one fellow that I simply cannot believe we hired. I will refer to him as The Dark Gentleman, because he reminds me of that famous elegantly gothic lover of all fine flesh. Also wine. Anyway. I swear that if The Dark Gentleman (blogger) lived in San Jose, than his real-life persona would be Dark Gentleman (co-worker.) And I'm not just saying this because my co-worker's teeth look as though they have been filed to points to be as vampiric as possible. (Seriously, he has a Dracula grin. It's frightening.) He's just totally the way I imagine The Dark Gentleman ought to be. He dresses in black. He has a shuffling gait and slouching shoulders, as if the weight of the world is simply ever-too-much to bear.
But oh my gosh, he. is. SLOW. like a PEANUT. BUTTER. RIVER. Every time I walked by he was not working, and he disappeared for long stretches of time doing I-don't-know-what. (This was bad, because I was the group leader for half the walls.) I am dying to know why we hired this guy. He cannot read a magazine page, he cannot follow instructions, and he has absolutely no retention for verbal information. I would love to know who made this hiring decision.
Overall, the wall-set went well. We finished around 1:20, which was right around our target time! (Yes, that would be AM, as in the morning.) Next week we should be even faster, because we're doing tables, and our people will have more experience. (I'm hoping.) (Really hoping.)