November 8th, 2006

piranha - study hard.

Glasses glasses!

Yesterday I went to the eye doctor and picked out a pair of new glasses frames. In retrospect I totally should've taken a picture, but should've could've would've didn't.

I hate picking out glasses because I can never find a pair that looks good on me. I mean, I never get the 'sexy secretary/hot librarian' look that so many other girls pull off just fine. No matter the style, frames always make my face look fat and my eyes perpetually squinty. But my current glasses, which are not attractive but did help me catch my current boyfriend so they can't be too terrible, are falling apart so it was high time to replace them.

The major problem we discovered is the bridge of my nose is too narrow, so everything I tried on had a delightful habit of sliding down my face. I finally settled on a pair of Calvin Kleins, and when it arrivse I will be sure to take a photo so we can all laugh together with the smug knowledge that contact lenses will be making a big comeback this holiday season.