November 12th, 2006

bath & body works - gourmand

Maybe LUSH?

So I had my interview with LUSH store manager Jennifer today.
Yes! Already!
It was crazy. I sent her an impulsive e-mail late Friday night, and I had a reply at midnight asking me to call and set up an interview. I called Jennifer back Saturday evening and said sure and how shall I interview please ma'am? She said drop by my garage Sunday night and we'll have a chat.

So I did. At 5:30 I went to the garage of her house (she lives right by Kero, funny enough; if I'd thought ahead and brought clothes with me I could have crashed at her place) and had an interview with Jennifer and another girl. I did pretty well - I'm pretty sure Jennifer was impressed w/ my LUSH product knowledge and my immediate "Well, let's add on to that sale" mentality thanks to three years at Bath & Body Works. But the other girl had so much more retail experience than me.
I might have a chance though. Part of me really wants to get the keyholder job at LUSH (I can't do Manager in Training as I initially hoped because I can't work full-time until February, and they really need someone now) and part of me just wants to stay at Bath & Body Works where I am cozy. Well, I guess I can try this LUSH thing and if it quickly becomes obvious that I can't give them the time they need then that will decide things, won't it? (If they hire me. Perhaps they won't.)
Jennifer did hint that LUSH may open a Oakridge store if Valley Fair does well...hmmm. Hmmm hmmm hmmm.

Crazy huge segment at BBW today. $2,500 in two hours. I can't believe I managed. Let's all give thanks to Jamie and Steffie for that.