November 13th, 2006

piranha - blowing smoke.

Hiccups. Are. Frustrating.

When I got home from school today I spent the afternoon cleaning. The only reason this is worth mentioning is because of the extreme infrequency of me cleaning anything. I had so many papers piled up all over the place; we had our recycling taken at eight or so this morning and I have already half-filled the bin again.

We had a sales leadership team meeting at work this morning. Candice didn't show. Deborah was pretty spaced out and/or grumpy. Everyone else was a space cadet. None of the management functions at eight in the morning, especially without coffee.
The meeting had been scheduled so we could go over Black Friday and the Thanksgiving weekend promotion-a-go-go. Let me tell you, it will not be enough to go into Bath & Body Works once over the three day period. Something different will be on sale every day. (Come to Oakridge and buy on my segments!!!) We're also to try something new this year, a very specific line snaking pattern. The theory is that if we control the line, customers will stay in it, and we will sell more. Unfortunately, we are rather understaffed at this point (for every two people we hire one drops within two weeks!) so it's going to be difficult to execute the company's plan. They currently expect a minimum of 12-15 people working at ALL times.
It's going to be scary hardcore retail on the 24th.