November 27th, 2006


Ponder wonder classes yuck

Time to pick classes for next semester.
It's like a puzzle of "Oh no, I totally have run out of easy classes to take."

I don't want to take math and science with a lab in the same semester, unless that is all that I take. For example, if I take Accounting, Math 10, and another class that is fine. If I take Accounting and Astronomy and another class, that is fine. But taking Math 10 and Astronomy together would be TOO MUCH WORK to add another class to, but it wouldn't be enough to be a full-time student.

I don't know what I'll do yet. I don't need any more English, History, Arts, Development, etc. classes. I guess I can take Intro to Computing, a class that I dread but deem inevitable. That would be four units...hmmm. Math 10, Astronomy, and Computers might be doable.

That would SUCK though.