December 1st, 2006


Granpa update

Note/update from Granpa:

"My skin doctor last month rather routinely sent me to see a cancer specialist, who made a routine check of my skin, then said, "Let's see if we can do some routine tests and see if there is a source for the cancer. Let's first check your blood count." So we did that, and he saw I had very low white blood cells, very low red cells, and very low platelets. So he said, We should first get a bone marrow sample and see what it shows. With that done, he could make a firm diagnosis that I had an acute case of MDS (myelodysplastic syndroms). He could predict my life expentancy as between a few weeks to possibly a year. On my questioning him later, he said he had seen no survivors _at my ageof 84,_ but he did have one patient with whom he had worked for one year.
So the last few days have caused me to refocus on what can be done on various projects. I did send to Maxine (Richardson) Watts, Parts 2 and 3 of the Sullivans. I also have a much bigger project of the Sailors of the American Revolution. I will see what can be done with it.
So I have had my second day of chemotherapy, and spent most of the afternoon in bed. I have fixed chicken soop with onions, corn and other goodies. Bonny also sent me some pumpkin butter which is always welcome. May God Bless you All, Granville"