March 26th, 2007


I just want socks. How hard can it be?

Of all the evils to thwart my ambitions lately, the quest for good socks is on the top of my list. For some reason, I can't seem to find any good, basic socks for a cheap price. (I wear through socks quickly; freakishly long toes = freakishly frequent toe holes.) Target, where I previously purchased my tootsie-jackets, no longer carries any decent-looking crew or ankle socks. The brands currently available all seem to have a loose knit, and look like they'd slide around a lot in the shoe.

So where are you hip kids buying socks these days? I'm not in need of tights or leggings, no matter what the trends are trying to get me to wear. I also refuse to visit Wal-Mart, evil corporation that it is (although does anyone remember that classic Sailor Moon fanfiction where Malachite takes over Wal-Mart and it becomes Mal-Mart? Priceless.) So is Nike worth the price? Does Payless Shoes carry decent socks, or are they about as sturdy as the other footwear?

Ideas, people!