May 2nd, 2007

bath & body works - gourmand

Working my way through mountains of skin care

I was cleaning out under my sink today and realized that I still have over one hundred pieces of soap.

Holy. Cow.

I thought I'd managed to work through quite a bit of my soaps, but I guess not! (Although that begs the question, how much did I have before?) I think I'll sort through it tonight and see about donating it to a women's shelter, but I know many of them won't take soap that isn't wrapped with ingredients labeled. So I could donate my Yodelingfish soaps with no problem (but those are actually my favorites! Tears!) but some of the other ones, like Lush and Darkswan, would have to stay with me because they aren't sealed and clearly labeled.

On the plus side, I've only got about a dozen bottles of lotion left under the sink, down from forty-one bottles in February 2006. That's good, at least.