May 9th, 2007

piranha - digi-vision.

Money and where it goes...

Budgets are very, very hard to stick to.

I wonder if it would be easier if I made a stricter one? Right now I have general standards set in place, like "Don't spend as much money on mall food, no clothing purchases in this pay cycle, car repairs at about $40 are due, gas is about $35 to fill the tank, 10% of check to savings, 10% of check is tithed, etc." but maybe I need to do concrete dollar amounts?

How do you go about managing your money, and how is it working for you?


I also cleaned out my bookshelf today, and managed to take around thirty novels off my "to be read" heap. They no longer interested me as much as they had before, or I figured it'd be easier to get another copy later if I still wanted to read it. None of them are valuable, so no point trying to convert them to cash, I am thinking.