May 19th, 2007

piranha - you don't bring me anything bu

Bills and the art of paper mail.

Bills, bills, bills. Today's major project was cleaning out my inbox (physical, not digital) and getting the last few weeks' worth of mail sorted, read, paid and stamped.

Reading, of course, is the most time-consuming. A lot of the paper can be shrugged off - don't need new clothes so I really don't need to spend much time studying that Alloy catalog, but I wonder when I'll get a new tea catalog because I love rifling through those - but it's time to pay the bills, toss another Netflix DVD onto the heap, and skim those magazines I never quite read but spend a lot of time ripping pages out to use for inspiration later.

Paying's no big deal. Thanks to the wonder of the Internet, most of my bills pay themselves on automatic cycle, so it's just a quick notation in the checkbook and I'm done. I'd really like to get some software with my birthday money to help manage my finances on-line, so that there's no more piddling about with a checkbook and investment statements and wondering what I'm really worth, and when those MMs and CDs mature and all that good stuff. Sean's mother uses Quicken and really likes it, so that's probably what I'll get but I'm open to suggestions if you want to throw your support toward another program.

Stamps are a pain right now, because every Post Office within ten miles is sold out of two-cent stamps, and I'm too cheap to put two 39-cent stamps on an envelope. That's a waste of 37 cents, and that adds up over time. :-/ So I ended up buying some 'forever' stamps while I was at the post office, and I guess I'll just toss my old 39-cent stamps aside until I can find more of those cornflower necklace stamps.

In other news, I get older in three days. :-/ I'd like to forget that little fact, tho'.