May 29th, 2007

piranha - digi-vision.


So for her birthday my brother and I got my Mother a Scooba 5800.

I am so in love with that little bugger. He just goes and goes, washing the floor all day long! It makes me want to go out and buy a Roomba, and any other little cleaning robots they've made. Have they put together a Bedbug, a lovely little bugger that can change your sheets and make your bed? Because I would buy, like, twenty of those, even though I only have one bed.

What would you want a robot to do for you? (Cleaning only - no homework bustin' robots or anything REALLY COOL like that. Although a robot that finds loose change for you would also be very, very cool.)
piranha - pop hat.

Gotta get spending under control -again-...also random bits of head-dust.

It looks like I went a little heavy on the spending this month. (I'm just not good at controlling impulse purchase urges.) I'm ending May with a little under $700 on my credit card, which I could pay off out of my savings if I had time to transfer the funds, which I don't, leading to the first time I've carried a balance over $100 from one month to the next. Lame. I can feel myself starting to slip into credit card debt again.

I'm reading a book right now called Freedom of Simplicity in hopes that it will help me par down my material desires in a spiritual way. After all, any aspect of life should be approached with God's plan in mind, and other books I've read (mostly dealing with reducing clutter, which isn't quite the same, but different problems, same probable internal source.) haven't had much of an effect. The bit that I read today suggested praying for each person you see, just a short sentence or two, to get into the habit of constantly talking to God.
If one is in constant communication with Him then one is more likely to take His rules and desires into consideration, which leads to a simplification of choices. Instead of thinking, "I should get this because it's cool right now," {ipod!) or "I can always use another pair of jeans" (not true, have 10+ at this point which is plenty) you just ask, "Do I need this to live? Is this how God wants me to spend my money?" {usually not.) God doesn't mind a little splurge now and again, I'm sure - He wants fun and joy for us, after all - but I can't shake the feeling that God raises His eyebrow if I purchase a tube of mascara at Sephora when I've got three or four perfectly adequate ones sitting at home. It's not a sin and I won't burn in hell over a bit of make-up, but if a Christian is charged to care for his brothers and he never has money to give because he spent it all on himself than he's not really living up to the mission God set him to. Or if I buy drinks at Starbucks five days a week and at the end of the month I won't buy cans of vegetables for a food drive because I 'can't afford to' - what message does that send? Life is all about little pleasures but at the same time, there's a responsibility to others that should always be maintained.

Last Christmas punksaturn asked for donations to charity rather than gifts to himself. I don't think I ever actually said anything to him but Bryan, your donation to Sacred Heart Community Center was really awesome and inspiring. It was really neat to follow that in your journal throughout December.
Anyway. The book I'm reading made me remember that.