August 16th, 2007

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The Insider Documentary - Packaging is Rubbish

Right now Lush has just begun our Get Naked! campaign, emphasizing the benefits of using solid lotions, solid shampoos, and our other 'naked' products that don't require bottles or boxes. We are also trying to convince customers to reduce waste by using their own bags rather than accumulating piles of plastic and paper bags, and re-using plastic containers when they shop with us.

It may seem a little extreme - who wants to bring back plastic deli containers to buy soap? - but our founder Mark Constantine recently helped make a documentary on packaging in Britain just to show how it isn't really so extreme after all!

Part One is here:

Part Two
Part Three

I don't always agree with everything Lush does, but this is something I feel strongly about. Please, please, PLEASE take a minute or two to shove an old tote bag or backpack in your car next time you go to the mall and just put your purchases in it. Take an old beach bag to the grocery store to carry your fruit in.
Recycle your plastic containers. Write letters to your local governments if you can't recycle all the plastic, or only can recycle certain types, so that it will change.
Reduce your purchase of plastic products! Instead of plastic forks and knives for a picnic or a party, just use regular silverware and wash it. Buy a sturdy water bottle and fill it yourself instead of wasting dozens and hundreds of bottles buying individual sodas and waters.
Buy food in bulk to minimize packaging.

The list goes on and on. If you change just one of your behaviors today, no matter how small, it'll add up if everyone does it.