September 6th, 2007

piranha - envy but for the lashes.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does J like me?

Hooray! Daddy, Seanie and I are off to Yosemite this weekend.

Awkward moment at work today. Customer came in today and was looking at the deodorants and somehow C28/Not of This World. Anna commented that it was a "Christian Hot Topic" (which is accurate enough, I've used the same description before) and the customer made an 'ick' face saying "I wouldn't think those sort of people would have a following here. How weird." They continued to badmouth the idea behind the store for a minute or two, while I stood there swirling the Ichthys around my neck. I didn't speak up, but now I wish I did. Even something little like "They have really cute clothes there, you should check it out!" would have been fine. But I was surprised by my co-workers and didn't say anything.

Ah well. Maybe next time.