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April Fools

"I was born in April so I was born a fool
I fell in love with you and now I drown in my own drool
I really should know better
And I don't know what to do
But I was born in April and I was born a fool."
This is Davy's new song. Well, the first verse. I'm scared to hear the rest. He was singing it to me after a date with his latest girlfriend, Marianna. I don't ask to hear about his love life, but he loves to share *every*intimate*oftennauseating*moment with me.
"You know, this is why someday you'll have to go out and get a real job in the real world. Nobody but nobody and maybe Marianna will buy that." I told him.
"Marinara liketh it. She thinkth it could be a hit." he replied, his mouth full of something.
"You sang it to her?"
"Why not?" I made a gagging sound. Poor girl. "What was that?"
"I had to hack up a hairball."
"Yeah. When are you going to get your frizzy mane turned into wigs for sickly youth?" He's referring to my plan to cut my hair and give it to this charity, which uses it to make wigs for children with cancer.
"When are you going to cut that stringy mop you wear on your head?"
"Marinara likes my hair this way. [sluuuuuurp]"
"She does know that you call her that?"
"You are such a weirdo."
"You are such a peasant."
Tags: april fools, davy

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