January 12th, 2008

piranha - bite the bottle that feeds you

I had almost forgotten it.

I'm taking a watercolor course this quarter. It's the first art class I've taken in several years, and I'm already loving it on the first day. I'd just forgotten, I guess, how much fun it is to dig in and sketch and paint and create. Even though all we did today was watercolor a small, postcard-sized still life (we could choose between a spool of thread and an egg...the spool of thread seemed marginally more exciting) and it was fun! I'm actually excited about our next class meeting; when was the last time I was excited about school?

Side note: What's a common household object starting with 'x' and 'z'? One of our projects is to maintain a sketchbook that has a watercolor for every letter of the alphabet. Naturally we can't use photos - all sketches must be from life. I'm not sure how I'm going to sneak a zebra out of the San Francisco zoo, although I bet the enclosure fences aren't up to industry standards anyway...