February 8th, 2008

now - glamour & haute.

Valentine's is so romantic when you break your boyfriend's brain

Today I bought Seanie's Valentine's present. I hope it arrives in time. It will kill him. Is it bad that I buy his gifts entirely based on how I think his initial reaction will be, and not on how useful or how much he actually wants it? Like when I egg him on to put two lumps of wasabi in his mouth not because I think he'll enjoy the flavor or it'll benefit his health somehow, but only because I want to see the funny face he'll make as the horror of what he has done is fully realized?

I am a bad girlfriend.

I am caught up on my English class. Huzzah!
I am a little behind on my watercolor class. Bah humbug. Maybe I'll do a lot of painting next week.
Geology is great. It's my best class. How can my best class be the one I dislike most? IT'S SO BORING. Although as a result of the class I did get a DVD about Mt. St. Helen's through Netflix, but that was 99.9% because I wanted to see footage of the volcano exploding. Explosions are cool.

What qualities does one look for in a scanner these days? What's a good brand? Any model recommendations? Suzi's been without a scanner for over a year and she hates it.