February 14th, 2008


Valentine's Loot, 2008

For Valentine's Day Seanie made me a cheesecake. Yummy.
He made it himself. It was a little softer than a "regular" cheesecake.
And he added the little heart with his momma's help.
Seriously, it was lemony delicious.
Yum yum yum.

This is what I got him:
(Zombie valentine, zombie underoos, 'Lost Girls' which seems to be a book about Wendy Darling of Peter Pan, and Link holding a heart. It's a video game reference, I think.)

He said the zombie underwear was embarrassing, but not even a quarter as bad as what his imagination thought I got him. (He knew it was underwear-related, but he was worried it was something weird. Elepehant-shaped, perhaps. Or maybe an apple with a worm poking out. You know. Something funny.)

Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!