March 3rd, 2008

piranha - chomp.

Hmmm. Comic book therapy.

Whenever I am feeling stressed or frantic I'm noticing that manga (comic books in general, actually) helps distract and calm me far more effectively than food, movies, regular books, video games, or exercise. I'm wondering if I could track the high stress points of my life by the spikes in comics purchased. For example, I've blown a lot of money on manga in the past few weeks and the last month at work has been quite stressful. Is there a correlation? I also sold a ton of books on Amazon in the past month for a hefty chunk of change, so I've also had the money to spend. So it could also be a mere coincidence that last month I've managed to:
1/ Revive my interest in Elfquest
2/ Tracked down random series I read parts of in high school but never finished
3/ Catch up on my regular series
4/ Start several new titles

Side note: I still love the art from Magic Knight Rayearth, but I honestly do not remember the translation being so awful in high school. Did they re-translate the books for a younger market?

Also: Boys Over Flowers was a fun anime to watch, but man. Tsukasa Domyoji's hair looks so weird in the manga, at least in the first volume. Bizarre faux-dreadlocks. Does he keep those the whole time? Doesn't look like it. Anyway. I have a geology test to study for, can you tell from the procrastination?