March 13th, 2008

now - screaming infidelities.

Hair all gone...

Yesterday I got my first haircut in two years. Hooray! Eight inches was trimmed off the ends (which were split-ended and gross) and bangs and layers were added to help shape the hair. I think it looks good, but does it look different? I don't know. My mother thought I looked different, but couldn't pinpoint what. (I also wore contacts for the first time in several months.) My dad and my brother said nothing, so they probably didn't even notice. I guess the real test will be the next time I go to work; my co-workers always seem to notice when even the slightest change to hair is made.

I should really post a photograph, right? Maybe I'll figure out how to do that tonight. Right now I haven't the slightest idea how because I'm stupid (or lazy) when it comes to computers and cameras. It's actually not that different from the last cut I got, except longer.

Basically, picture this, except the bangs are shaped a bit more and longer, and instead of falling to just past my shoulders it hits just above the bra line.

(This photo is from the last time I had a major haircut, so roughly two years old?)

Every time I pull my hand down my ponytail I'm dismayed to discover that the hair falls through my fingers about two seconds before it's supposed to. There's a lot less hair there!