April 23rd, 2008



Dear Democrats,
I am sick to death of you squabbling with each other. Hillary, we already know I'm rooting against you. I want fresh blood in the White House, not another Clinton. Sorry. I'm not saying your husband screwed it up for you - I liked the guy! - but the fact is, he's already been in the White House and you were right there with him. Yet you were not the President of the United States. So, short of the years you've been in the Senate, I'm just not sold on your political experience. Experience as a politician's wife? Man, you've got mountains of that. But, meh. I don't want you running the country.
(Also, would it kill you to wear something CUTE once in a while? Bust out a skirt and some dresses, man. The boxy power suits make you look frumpy. Benazir always looked awesome!)

Obama bin Ramalama ding dong (sorry) come on. Just ignore the negativity from the Clinton conglomerate. I like you but if you keep wasting this time with petty sniping with Hillary I'll become disillusioned and then where will I go? McCain's old, man. Don't make me vote for him.
PS If you get elected please consider dreads in the white house. I think that would be such a great look for you.