May 6th, 2008

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What to do with an abandoned livejournal?

Remember fashion_piranha

I've been wondering what to do with that journal lately.    I originally created it thinking that I would use it for my fashion sketches and designs, but ever since I switched back out of the FD major I haven't had a lot of that stuff to post.

Couple ideas for what to do with it:

- Use it for an art journal.  That would be great, but until I buy a new scanner I won't be able to post on it much.  Rather like now.
- Snarky fashion commentary.  (I just don't have the heart to be so snarky tho'.)
- Daily freewrite blog.  Ten minutes of whatever happens to pop into my head, an exercise my fiction-writing teacher highly recommends.  Of course, isn't that what I have this journal for?
- Book journal.  This is actually the most plausible use for the journal.  I read quite a bit and having a centralized place to post my reviews would be helpful.  But my "reviews" are so ridiculously unhelpful and scattered that I don't think anyone else would want to read them.
(Of course, fashion_piranha never had a particularly high reader count anyway, so what difference would it make.)
- Daily photo journal.  Force myself to take a photograph every day.  Wouldn't be a bad idea, but I like the art journal, I lack a piece of technology to make this plausible.  In this case, I have an old digital camera but not the flashcard reader or USB cord - I'm not even sure which piece I need - to get the photos off the camera.  This would be easily fixed if I would just take the time to do it.

While I'm thinking about hardware, software and peripherals that I lack, I need a free web editor so I can get back onto and at least change it so that it no longer directs to MySpace.  Any recommendations, techie people?