May 31st, 2008

kid - i cannot keep it in my  mouth.

New job new job yippee yay

So after sending out approximately 24 resumes, I have a new job!

On Wednesday (at some point, not sure when) I got a call asking me to come in for an interview on Thursday. Since I don't listen to my voicemails in a timely manner ever, I got the message around 1pm on Thursday. I spent an hour dilly-dallying and debating whether it was worthwhile to call so late - they'd been doing interviews all day, surely the Perfect Someone had already shown up - but if I didn't call, I'd always regret it so I forced myself to dial up.

I got an interview for 5:45 and it was one of the strangest I've ever had. The doctor (Resume 13: Acupuncture Office in Campbell) was seeing patients at the same time, so he kept going in and out. I filled out a three page application, and most of the interview was him reading the application and asking a confirming question from the page.

But hey, I got the job! Can't complain. It fits perfectly with school - 3 pm - 8 pm on M, W, F - so that I have a choice between morning daily classes or school just Tues & Thurs. For my trial period it's a tiny pay cut - $11 an hour - but I get a raise after 30 days so it should be fine.

Stupid me, I didn't think to ask about benefits. Oh well. Probably don't have any, so what difference does it make?

All I have to do is stay at this job and build up some office experience. Bust out of retail is all that I want!
piranha - pearly whites.

SATC: I hate that acronym.

Kero and Kitty wanted to go see the Sex and the City movie today, so we did.

In a word: Meh.

It felt like a really dragged out, overlong episode of the tv show. So I guess if you were a fan of the series this will be just right. Me? I liked the series just fine, BUT I could never finish a whole episode in one sitting. The pacing always made each episode seem longer, so I'd pause the show (ah, the joy of watching DVDs) and return to it after a break. Movie theatres don't allow such breaks, and I think my brain went into overload and shut down halfway through the movie.

Lovely clothes. Gorgeous shoes.

Embarrassing youthful character introduced as Carrie's personal assistant. LV obsessions I'll never understand (those purses are BUTT-UGLY people!) and the assistant's rapturous exclamations over a particularly hideous bag hurt my head. She fulfilled her token sidekick duties well.

I forget how needy and crazy Carrie is. Man, she's insane. Or maybe Big is, to want to marry her in the first place. Charlotte's an entirely different sort of crazy, but I love her. I think I would totally be her except for the kid-loving aspect. Also the dogs wouldn't happen.

I wonder if I would have benefited if I had seen more than just the first 1.5 seasons. Yet, I had no trouble following along, so I guess it wasn't necessary.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG movie. Probably Netflix-worthy, but don't rush out to see it in theatres.