June 23rd, 2008

kid - jabba the hutt impression.

Woe, woe Amazon

I'm having a bad string of luck on Amazon this month! One package may have gone missing (the buyer left me a negative feedback complaining they paid for expedited shipping but never got the item. DC says it was delivered on June 7th, so it's either at the wrong address or the person's lying, don't know which because they never contacted me!) and I missed an e-mail about a sale and as a result I never sent their book, and so I got a negative feedback about that. (Understandable, I'd probably have left a neutral or negative, too.) Another person left me a neutral feedback with no explanation, which is pretty lame. If you're unhappy you should say why at least!

But I've had three sales over the past few days, so hopefully they'll all go smoothly. Hey Jeannie, did you still want to meet up and get some books listed?