July 2nd, 2008


Why do I read the Twilight series?

It makes me really sad that Twilight has really kicked off and become so popular. It's such a horrible series for so many reasons, and yet I keep reading the books.

(At least I didn't pay anything for the books; all of them were received from swap sites or from other people. So I'm not contributing any money to this franchise yet. The movie will probably change that as I really want to see it.)

PRO: My co-workers are REALLY into the books and it gives us something to talk about.
CON: They REALLY like the books, and I don't know why. The books that I like, meanwhile, I don't think they'd care for. One co-worker was looking for something to read on an upcoming trip, and since she started us on this Twilight kick I suggest another vampire book, <u>Interview with a Vampire</u>. Wouldn't touch it.

PRO: It's important to read new books and support new authors.
CON: BS and that doesn't count if you don't like the books.

PRO: The Twilight series can be very funny.
CON: Clearly, it wasn't meant to be.

CON: He's also an undead creep, and I think my carpet has more personality.

PRO: It's fun to write cranky, nasty reviews about them. Almost therapeutic.
CON: Everyone else has written better ones. But it is therapeutic.

PRO: At least you aren't reading romance novels with Fabio on the cover.
CON: It's a steep, slippery slope down from Twilight to Fabio's Dangerous.

Huh. Clearly, Stephenie Meyer needs to become Fabio's new shadow author, and the two will be joined in an unholy business partnership that will take over the world of housewives and teenagers everywhere.

PS: This was naturally triggered by the completion of my review of New Moon. Do I really want to move on to Eclipse?